5 Ways A Salon Will Prep Hair For Your Wedding

5 Ways A Salon Will Prep Hair for Your Wedding

Weddings are one of the most important and memorable events of your life. It is the day that will create a lasting impression on everyone, including your husband-to-be. The deal here is to ensure that everyone is smitten by your looks. So where do you think it all begins? Of course, it starts right at the top — your crown.

Everyone deserves to look their best on their wedding day. And if you are here, it probably means that your big day is nearing and you have begun your research on bridal updos and hair care. Just like skincare, hair care is key to making your special day that much more memorable. Read on to explore why that is and how us professionals can completely up the ante for you.


Why Prep Your Hair Before Your Wedding?

Before getting into the ways a salon will prep your hair, let’s go into the why’s. Prepping well ahead of your big day will leave your tresses glowing, regardless of the style you adorn, and not just on the day itself. But that’s not all. There are multiple reasons why you should prep your mane prior to your nuptials. Let’s take a look at them:

1. Pre-Wedding Stress

Many couples inevitably feel pressured before their wedding. If you are one of them, hair appointments can help get rid of all that stress, especially since most services provided by salons include a therapeutic massage. Why would you want to miss that? More importantly, stress can be the reason why your locks are not as healthy as they need to be. Whenever we feel stressed, our body releases hormones called cortisol. These cause glands beneath your skin to produce more oil. Excess oil then ends up getting trapped within the follicles, together with dead skin and other impurities. This will lead to various hair and scalp issues.

2. Damage Protection

Proper salon prep can safeguard your precious tresses. Your mane faces daily damage not only from the elements, but it is also bound to be exposed to ruthless application of chemicals such as sprays, gels, creams on your wedding day. Your locks need to be healthy right from the roots to take them all on. Depending on the location of the wedding, your tresses may also be subjected to damaging weather conditions, heat, and light.

3. Hair Styling Complications

Lastly, if you have existing hair or scalp conditions that you choose to ignore till your marriage day, then you are sure to welcome complications whilst styling. But your stylist will thank you if you avoid these unfortunate situations on your big day at all costs:

  • Frizziness
  • Lanky hair
  • Brittle hair for the stylist to work on
  • Lack of glow even after styling


Comprehensive Salon Consultation

You can prevent all the above concerns and keep your mane healthy by investing in a good shampoo, conditioner, and mask at home. But that is just step one. Next comes the most important commitment — step two: in-salon care. Investing in professional salon services can protect and revive your locks by assessing your needs with a comprehensive consultation.

1. Importance of a Consultation

Only a thorough consultation with an expert will ensure that your locks are well-prepped and ready for the big day. Your stylist will come up with a timeline of appointments for:

  • Haircut
  • Deep conditioning
  • Scalp cleansing
  • Colouring

2. Scheduling a Consultation

Give yourself at least six months ahead of your marital union to head over to a reliable salon such as ours for an in-depth consultation. Six months is a good period of time for a stylist to enhance the current condition of your mane or improve scalp issues. Be sure to let them know your goals, even if you only have vague ideas, as well as concerns you may have.

3. Sticking to One Salon

Now, this is critical: be sure to stick with the same hair salon until your wedding is over. Different salons have different styles of treating hair. They might also not be aware of your history, such as the products your previous salon used or advised you to use, which could spell bad news. Your tresses may end up laden with high chemical content without your knowledge, leading to damage — and that is definitely not something that you want.


The Perfect Haircut

The first thing that should come to your mind is the right haircut on your wedding day. So on the first day of your appointment, gain insights from your stylists on the style, colour, and length that will be best suited for you. These will help you get on track to achieving the look that you want.

When it comes to cuts, there are three blocks of time frames you are advised to remember as you space out your appointments. Begin the first from as early as six months ahead.

1. Seven to 10 Weeks Apart

Every one to two months, head down to your salon to have your split ends trimmed off.  Given your face shape, personality, and skin tone, your salon stylist will suggest the best cut to maintain till your wedding day. A medium-length one is recommended for brides because it is the most versatile length to work with.

2. Four Weeks Before Big Day

Just a month before your big day, again get a trim to get rid of split ends. Try not to make any drastic changes to your locks now. It is definitely not the right time to decide you want to get a fringe or to cut your tresses way too short.

3. One Week Before Big Day

Just a week before the big day, your stylist will give your locks a final trim to take away all the split ends without compromising the length.


Premium Hair Treatments to Tackle Existing Issues

A salon offers premium treatments that tackle your concerns as a whole. Your stylist will advise the necessary treatment combinations. For example, there are options for:

  • Defrizzing treatment for frizziness
  • Smoothening treatment for roughness
  • Repair treatment for damage
  • Strengthening treatment for brittleness
  • Gloss treatment for dullness

1. Defrizzing Treatment

Frizz occurs when your strands lack moisture and the cuticles rise to soak up the moisture from the surrounding. As the moisture sets into the cuticles, the strands swell up, giving you an extremely messy look. Since your wedding stylist needs to comb your mane down before creating your look, he or she will untangle all its knots. This process is very painful. As a bride, you will not want to go through that. Instead, opt for a defrizzing treatment before your big day to help your locks be manageable on your wedding day.

2. Smoothening Treatment

Rough hair disallows you from achieving the final look that you desire as it causes unevenness. It also affects the length of your mane and the fineness of your curls, if you are doing them. A smoothening treatment helps restore and maintain moisture in your locks as a preventative measure against damage. This technique does not only coat the outer shafts. It also pushes the much-needed nutrients further into the follicles. Head for a smoothening treatment to even out any odd textures so that you will look perfect on your memorable day.

3. Repair Treatment

Going for a restorative hair treatment, with primer and shampoo, is a good idea if you suffer from damaged tresses. Damaged hair is more than just split ends. The strands of damaged hair are cracked, leading to more breakage if you comb or use styling tools on them. So if your strands are breaking on the day of your wedding, your stylist will not be able to create a perfect updo for you. A repair treatment can restore your tresses to their original, healthy shine.

4. Strengthening Treatment

Strengthening your locks before your wedding means that it will not be brittle and weak for your stylist to work with. Any amount of chemicals, such as sprays or gels, will not affect your mane because they are strong right from their roots. This treatment works the nutrients into the roots, so that new strands grow healthier and existing bonds are stronger.

5. Gloss Treatment

A good bridal hairstyle needs shiny, lustrous tresses to begin with. If your mane lacks glow due to stressed and damaged cuticles, this will show, even in photographs. Heading for a gloss treatment before your big day will ensure that your tresses regain their lost glow.


Get Deep With a Scalp Cleanse

Your scalp’s condition is most likely the primary reason why your locks are not as healthy as they should be. Take notice of what your scalp is going through, and address the concerns well ahead of time. And that’s why a salon is necessary for you.

1. What Is a Scalp Cleanse?

A scalp cleanse, also known as the scalp detox, exfoliates the skin, keeps the oil build-up at bay, and promotes blood circulation. Your scalp is susceptible to oil build-up — this is excessive surface oil, which traps bacteria. When these impurities get stuck within your pores, they release an unpleasant odour. They also make your tresses appear greasy and limp. For a bride, all these three conditions are a big no. A treatment will clear all of the dirt on your head and nourish the scalp.

2. Benefits of a Scalp Cleanse

The gentle exfoliation of your scalp targets dead skin cells, acne, and deeply clogged follicles, which may be causing slow hair growth. Dandruff as well as build-up from shampoo and other products may also be stuck within your pores. Thus, a detox will help to clear them all out. Your scalp will then be refreshed and rejuvenated just in time for the big day.

3. Why Opt for An In-Salon Cleanse?

Home exfoliation is a little tricky to be done by yourself. Your scalp is very delicate. If you were to exfoliate your scalp at home, you may scratch off your skin, which will then lead to open wounds. Such openings on your skin are more prone to infections, another big no-no with your wedding approaching. Thus, scalp cleansing has to be performed by a professional for safe results. On top of that, salons treat various scalp conditions without you having to visit a dermatologist, such as:

  • Dry scalp
  • Dandruff
  • Oily scalp
  • Bad odour
  • Hair fall
  • Itchy scalp


Shine With a New Hair Colour

As your marriage day approaches, you may wish to transform yourself with a balayage, highlights, or a full one-tone colour to look even more ravishing. Your stylist should have by now studied your facial features to suggest a suitable colour.

1. Receive Expert Advice on Hair Colouring

Your salon will most probably choose copper brown or rose gold to those who are relatively fair. These tones add warmth to your skin colour and accentuate porcelain fair skin. For those who are a little tanned, caramel-based golden highlights will aid to balance out the warm tones. Go for highlights or balayage for the best decision ever! These amazing techniques will provide great texture, depth, and definition to your locks, making you look stunning in photographs.

2. Plan for Two Colouring Appointments

Many of us have coloured our locks at least once in our life. This means that your mane is likely to have a demarcation between the regrowth and your previous colour. It is necessary for you to correct that issue. Salons will usually schedule two colouring appointments for brides or grooms. The first may include a colour-correcting treatment while the second focuses on your new colour. Plan these appointments at least a month and a half ahead of your wedding date so that you have sufficient time in between for both the dyes to settle in.

3. Why an In-Salon Colouring Is a Must

At all costs, avoid colouring yourself because you cannot afford to make any mistakes during this last stretch. Colouring your mane all by yourself is never going to give off the intended final outcome. Dyeing is a chemical treatment, and if you make any mistakes, layering another colour over your locks within a short period of time can damage the shafts. Only a professional will know the proper techniques and nuances to bring out the right colour. They also know where to place the dyes exactly to create the texture you have requested.



A professional salon has the capability, tools, and experience to condition your locks, identify key problems, and provide the best treatments. Prevention is also vital. A salon’s services help to transform your mane into bride- or groom-worthy style while ensuring that your tresses are completely protected. Your stylist will know exactly how to nourish your mane to take on any chemical and effortlessly glow on the big day.

So with your nuptials approaching soon, book an appointment with us and we assure that your tresses are well taken care of and prepped to stun everyone at your wedding.