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Step 1

Our expert stylists will first recommend the ideal version of your treatment of choice based on the condition of your locks, face shape, and complexion.

Step 2

Our stylists will proceed with the service, utilising a variety of techniques, skills and premium products.

Step 3

Our knowledgeable stylists will style your locks and show you how you can do it at home. Feel free to ask any questions, and we will be happy to answer them.

Step 4

You will achieve your desired look. Ensure that you book your follow-up appointments to keep your tresses in their best shape.



Before & after

- Personalised Style Guide
- Haircuts Designed Uniquely For Every Face Shape
- Highly Precise Cutting Technique


1. How often should I trim my locks?

Most of our clients typically return to us once a month for a trim. There are two factors that you should look at when deciding when to do so. Firstly, consider how quickly your tresses grow out. It is, therefore, recommended to shape them every four to six weeks to maintain your look as they tend to grow out of a style within that period. However, if your mane grows faster than average, consider getting in touch with us and moving your appointment up! The second factor to consider is the type of service that you have undergone. If you have a cut that requires frequent trimming such as bangs or a dye job that requires higher maintenance, you may be required to come back to us more regularly. Your friendly stylist will be able to recommend a timeline that best matches your unique needs.

2. Are there any treatments that can help heal my locks?

Yoon provides a wide range of premium services for both your scalp and crowning glory! We understand that the health and quality of your tresses and head are of utmost importance. Hence, we do offer treatments that provide gentle care and rejuvenation. You can restore lustre back to your tresses by choosing one of the five various treatments available at YOON. Options include defrizzing, glossing, repair, strengthening, and smoothening. Aside from that, a deep and thoroughly cleansing scalp treatment can help with a thinning mane and other issues such as dandruff and poor strand growth. To find out which exact form of care your locks require, make a consultation appointment with us. Our capable team can accurately assess the condition of your tresses and recommend the right treatment for you.

3. Can I continue with my day after a session at the hair salon?

Definitely! Services at YOON do not require any downtime. The key thing to note is the duration of a service. Some processes require you to take a longer time out of your schedule as they may require you to stay in the studio for a few hours. Other treatments such as a trim do not normally take too long and can even be squeezed into your lunch hour. Rest assured, our experts will ensure your tresses are set perfectly in place before you leave. Sign up for a Premium Wash and Blow and you’ll be ready to face the rest of your day!

4. When should I return to the hair salon for a follow-up?

Monthly visits to YOON are recommended for the best possible results. Most of our clients return to us for a touch-up every month. Returning for follow-up appointments is extremely important as it extends the effect of whichever treatment that you have undergone! Whether it is a cut, colour, or shaping service, the general rule of thumb is to come back every four to six weeks to upkeep your look. One way to be absolutely sure is by asking the friendly professionals after the session has ended.

5. Can I sign up for multiple treatments?

Absolutely! Multiple services are possible but naturally, there are limitations. Some great options include a cut and colour, or a cut followed by creative shaping. The combination of these types of procedures can ensure that you leave YOON with the look that you so desire. On the other hand, some services such as Premium Bleaching may be more taxing on your tresses, and it is instead recommended for them to be done individually. Simply book two different treatments on two different days, and you’re set. For example, if you would like to have both coloured and rebonded locks, consider dyeing your tresses here with us about one to two weeks before your rebonding appointment. Spacing the appointments out will allow the strands to regain their strength and look their best.

6. How do I pick the right style?

A highly trained eye can help identify what type of cut, colours, or overall look suits you, and that’s exactly what you will experience here at YOON. The right style should enhance and complement your overall appearance. For example, if you have a round face, an ideal chop elongates your face to bring balance to your features. Our expert stylists will:

  • Identify your facial structure
  • Search for styles that match your facial structure
  • Recommend the best styles for you

As every individual has a different face shape, we can help you find yours and ensure that you get the most flattering style for yourself. That does not make this a one-way street, of course. Any stylist worth their salt places your satisfaction and input first.

7. How do I pick the right hair salon?

You should never have to make your schedule work for any studio. Instead, their location and opening hours should work for you. Here at YOON, we believe in giving the best to all our customers by providing unparalleled expertise and consultations at central locations. All of our outlets are located close to at least one MRT station for your convenience.

YOON is also open every single day — even on weekends and public holidays — from 11AM to 9PM. So, why not book your first appointment at a time and place that works for you with us today? Leave your particulars with us in the form below, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible. Your hair goals are literally just a click away.


customer reviews

Georgina Pei, 30

Very happy with the scalp treatment at Yoon Salon. Staff were very friendly & professional

Monica Tay, 28

Yoon Salon is the place to go to for all salon services. Got a new hair cut, very satisfied with it!

Tan Mei Ying, 36

Went for a hair colouring as my roots are growing out. Very satisfied with the service & results!

Lee Xin Yi, 27

The hair colouring service is highly recommended. Saw the products they used, and all are of good quality.

Katherine Quek, 27

I really enjoyed myself at Yoon Salon when i went for the hair rebonding promotion. The staff are so friendly and patient!

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