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- Soft & Natural Looking Perm
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customer reviews


Have tried their C-Curl perm, love the soft and natural look of it!!! It is very pretty and lasted for 8 months


First time doing a Korean C-Curl and I am impressed with the results. The specialist are also very knowledable and gave me tips on how to care for my C-Curl.

Ashley Sim, 42

I recommend Yoon Salon for their hair perming treatment. I did a S-Curl perm here, and am very happy with the service. Highly impressed by the team!


Love my hair perms from YOON!!! Thank you for producing this amazing result. I will definitely recommend to my friends and family!

Maggie Ko, 21

My boyfriend likes my new korean perm look. Happy.


Step 1

Our Stylist will first apply a perming blend to your locks to penetrate the inner structures and weaken the bonds in the strands.

Step 2

We will then curl and reshape your locks, according to the desired look.

Step 3

After the curling process, an oxidation lotion will be applied to your tresses to strengthen them again.

Step 4

You will achieve an attractive and modern look. The results will be professional and stylish.


1. How are Korean C-Curl and S-Curl Perms different hair perming styles?

Both the Korean C- and S-Curl curling techniques are the latest trendy styles from Korea. For C-Curl, the ends will be restructured and reshaped into an inward curve, effortlessly adding extra oomph to lifeless tresses. Shorter coifs would look that much more chic with this style. On the other hand, the S-Curl shapes the ends of your tresses into beautiful-looking waves that will leave jaws dropping in their wake.

2. How do I decide which hair perming style looks good on me?

Undecided on which one would look good on you? Or perhaps you’re a little lost about whether you should opt for Creative Hair Shaping instead? Approach any of our friendly stylists for their expert opinion! We would be happy to help you figure out which one would draw out your best features and make you shine. Here at YOON, we want you to love your tresses and make you feel good about yourself.

3. How do I book my appointment for hair perming?

You may drop our salon a call and our friendly associates will help you slot in an appointment at your most convenient date and time.

4. Can I reschedule my hair perming appointment?

We understand all too well that rarely does anything go according to plan in life. But fret not! We can always discuss rescheduling any session if anything crops up at the last minute. Simply contact us and we’ll settle the rest for you. It’s as easy as that.

5. How long does hair perming normally take?

The process can take anywhere around 2 to 3 hours, depending on the technique and length of your locks. Generally, digital perms are faster and more effective due to the double application of chemical solution and heat to set the new swirls. Drop by for a consultation for a more accurate discussion.

6. How can I plan for a day of hair perming?

Our approachable stylists will be happy to provide an estimate by taking your locks and desired outcome into consideration. Do reach out to us for one!

7. What is hair perming aftercare?

Aftercare is your home care routine to protect your new waves and swirls from dehydration and damage. If you have naturally straight tresses and have never had to maintain this type of style before, do not worry! Our knowledgeable stylists will recommend the best conditioning products for new wavy tresses that will suit you. You can even purchase our specially curated choice of premium products for your personal use at home. Our selections are so good that they will make your locks look better than ever, and you will never settle for less.

8. Aside from purchasing products, what else can I do to care for my permed hair?

Besides protection and care products, we will also clue you in on some expert tips and tricks to care for and style your beautiful new waves. This way, we can help you ensure that your locks don’t dry out and get damaged.

9. How do I pick the right hair perming style for my face?

We understand that revamping your crowning glory is definitely not an easy decision. There are so many options to choose from, and these are your precious locks we’re talking about! But here’s where our friendly experts can guide you. If you do have several ideas in mind, you are more than welcome to bring along photographs of the type of styles you like. Together, we will pore over all of them and let you know what we think after giving you a proper assessment of your mane’s condition.

10. What if I am unsure as to which hair perming style to choose?

Taking your personal tastes into consideration, your very own stylist here at YOON will then share with you their creative vision. After all, there’s only one you in this world. It’s important for us to shape your locks into a style that fits you and your personality. Nevertheless, our experts will never force you to take up a style that you’re not comfortable with. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands here!

11. What should I wear for hair perming?

As mentioned, the process can be quite lengthy. Sitting in a chair for two to three hours can be tiring. Throw on some comfy clothes to ensure the experience is as pleasant as it can be!

12. Can I discuss my hairstyle ideas with your stylists?

Yes, of course! Bring along pictures of your favourite looks to share with us!



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