• Lisser 360TM Treatment
  • Hair Repairing Ampoule
  • Collagen Hair Booster

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  • Lisser 360TM Treatment
  • Hair Repairing Ampoule
  • Collagen Hair Booster

Try 1 session for $28




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Before & after

- Restores Damaged Hair
- Strengthens Hair Cuticles
- Revives Hair Health


customer reviews


Best salon experience at yoon! My hair feels luxurious and smooth after going through their repair treatment. Very friendly staff person also!


Nothing bad to say about this salon. I tried 4 of their treatments and so far, all worked really well! Value-wise, it’s also very affordable! My favorite treatment is their hair repair! Really a must try for those who color their hair a lot like me


Their hair repair is the best! Never thought they would be able to save my very frizzy hair from when i tried bleaching my hair alone. You guys are life savers!


The hair repair treatment was so worth it. My hair is so soft to the touch and is so much easier to manage now. Excited to try their other services soon!


10/10 Experience! You guys are amazing!


Step 1

Overprocessed tresses can show signs of damage such as split ends or rough and dry texture. Hair damage due to chemical processes may also result in significant volume loss. Opting for this treatment will help restore the health of your tresses.

Step 2

The professional will first prep your mane to achieve the best results. They will thoroughly cleanse your tresses with a gentle solution, removing excess grime and product residue.

Step 3

Next, they will apply the solution to repair and revitalise your tresses. This is followed by the use of a flat iron to seal in the product and close the cuticles.

Step 4

After the treatment, you will enjoy bouncier and livelier tresses.


1. What are the types of hair damage?

There are generally five types of damage that your mane can experience. The first is split ends, referring to a cuticle strand that has split into two or more ends. Another kind of damage is visible volume loss or thinning due to increased shedding. The third form is heat damage caused by an overuse of heat-based styling tools without protective products. Next, you may experience damage brought on by excessive bleaching or colouring. Another similar type is chemical damage, caused by improper application of perming, rebonding, and relaxing techniques.

2. How do I know if my tresses need this Hair Repairing Treatment?

You may require our restorative procedure if you have observed the following signs of damage in your tresses. Firstly, you may have a damaged mane if you notice split ends or a significant loss of volume. A lackluster and dullened appearance is another visual cue to look out for. Tresses that have some level of damage also tend to be rough and dry to the touch and get easily tangled. Most importantly, if you have had some history of chemical treatments, it is likely that your mane will benefit from this service.

3. How soon will I see visible improvements after this Hair Repairing Treatment?

Our revolutionary treatment produces immediate changes after one session. To achieve the most effective results, professionals advise undergoing the treatment once a month. Your mane may need regular care to fully recover from the damage caused by chemical procedures.

4. Can I safely perm or dye my hair after undergoing this Hair Repairing Treatment?

In general, we do not advise undergoing more than one treatment in one day. Spacing out your treatments gives your tresses more time to recover from the chemicals and solutions used. You may opt to postpone these procedures to a later time which will also ensure that the effects of this service last longer. Nonetheless, do share your plans with your stylist and they will be able to advise you on the best way to proceed.

5. How do I choose the right care products for my tresses after my Hair Repairing Treatment?

One way to figure out if your shampoo or conditioner is suitable for your mane is to check the ingredients list for any harsh components. Our team of stylists can also give you more guidance on this. What’s more, our salon carries a premium range of care products that will gently and effectively nourish your tresses.

6. What other ways can I boost the quality of my tresses along with the Hair Repairing Treatment?

You can complement the results of your treatment by improving your lifestyle habits. A healthy diet rich in minerals and vitamins gives your tresses the nutritional boost it needs. Pair this with an increase in water intake as hydration works wonders to rebalancing the whole body from head to toe.

7. In addition to hair services such as the Hair Repairing Treatment, does your salon also offer scalp treatments?

Yes. We provide a comprehensive suite of services to nourish and boost the quality and condition of our customers’ scalp and hair. As the foundation of your tresses, a strong and well-nourished scalp allows for a fuller mane. If you find that your scalp and mane are too oily, it may point to excess sebum production. Opting for our relaxing Scalp Oil Control Treatment corrects this imbalance, restoring your crown to tip-top form.

8. Where can I book my first session of Hair Repairing Treatment?

Look no further than this page! You can redeem the $28 offer for the trial session of this treatment by signing up on any one of the forms on this page. Simply fill in your name, email, and phone number. Rest assured, our friendly team will reach out to you as soon as possible and find a suitable date and timing for your appointment.

9. How do I reschedule my Hair Repairing Treatment?

Do reach out to us via the contact details below as soon as you can. We will be happy to assist you with rescheduling your next appointment.





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