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- Soft & Natural-Looking Curl
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customer reviews

Louisa Ng, 27

Went to try their Volume S-Curl Rebonding. First time in my life I see my hair have some volume and look thicker! Extremely happy with the result!!


Requested for rebonding but wanted them to do a fancy s-curl hair end and am impressed the outcome!

Venus Tan, 24

I did their Volume C-Curl Rebonding and all of my friends have praise how it has changed my outlook and style


S-curl is nice~ And definitely much more manageable than my previous hair.

Julia Tse, 19

Good service and affordable price. Yay~~


Step 1

Our Stylist will first apply a straightening solution to the top portion of your mane. We will then use professional equipment, to reset the hair bonds and straighten your tresses.

Step 2

Next, our Hair Stylist will apply a perming blend to the bottom portion of your tresses. We will then curl and reshape the strands, according to the desired look.

Step 3

After the shaping process, an oxidation lotion will be applied to your tresses, to strengthen the strands again.

Step 4

You will achieve an attractive and modern look. The results will be professional and stylish.


1. What is Creative Hair Shaping?

This advanced styling technique involves straightening the top part of your mane and curling the bottom into your preferred style. It uses chemical solutions and expert heat tools to effectively shape your curls.

2. What are the types of hair shaping?

There are two types you can get at YOON. You can choose to shape your waves into either a C-Curl or an S-Curl. These styles are named for the shape of the curls, each resembling their respective letters.

3. What is different about the two types of hair shaping done at YOON?

Both C- and S-Curl Rebonding involve straightening the top of your tresses. For C-Curl, the ends will be shaped in an inward swirl. You will look chic and stylish until your next due appointment. For S-Curl, the ends will be shaped into beautiful-looking waves that will turn heads wherever you go.

4. How is Creative Hair Shaping at the salon different from home curling?

This professional treatment uses heat and chemical application to restyle your hair into a specific curl shape. Unlike with normal curling irons, this means you can still retain these gorgeous waves after washing.

5. How long will my new style last after hair shaping?

It all depends on your hair care routine and growth cycle. If you take your aftercare seriously, your tresses will stay healthy for longer and look that way, too.

6. Is my hair suitable for Creative Hair Shaping?

This depends on the health and elasticity of your locks. Stronger and healthier strands will usually end up with better-looking results. The Volume S-Curl Rebonding technique, in particular, is often paired with longer locks as it gives the appearance of a beautiful waterfall cascading down your back.

7. Can I go for hair shaping if my mane is short?

It may be more challenging to style your locks if they are shoulder-length as the current length can affect the wave direction. Regardless, you are more than welcome to seek our trained stylist’s recommendation.

8. How do I style it at home after my salon hair shaping session?

We will typically recommend using a round brush and blow-dryer for your daily styling. With this technique, the swirls will be guided to curve inwards and not outwards, enhancing its shape. This helps to keep the new shape for longer. With proper styling, you can look salon-fresh all the time!

9. Can I combine my hair shaping session with a colouring treatment on the same day?

We recommend scheduling these two treatments on separate days. This will give your tresses a chance to recover from the chemical use and protect your style for longer.



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