Premium Hair Bleaching

  • L’Oréal. Quick Blue Powder Bleach
  • Jolen. Creme Bleach Formula Plus Aloe Vera
  • Wella. Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

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Before & after

- Gentle & Effective Hair Bleaching
- Long-Lasting Colour & Fade-Proof
- Seals The Colour & Makes Your Hair Smooth


customer reviews


Hair bleach service was alright. I did not experience very dry hair and my scalp does not feel itchy too.

Gina Choo, 18

Their hair bleaching last quite awhile as compared to other hair salon and I am satisfied with it.


This is my first time doing hair bleaching. Thank you for giving me such a great experience.

Sheryl Goh, 31

Very happy with the experience! My hair stylist, Kelly was very friendly and took extra care to make sure the bleach did not touch my scalp or damaged my roots.

Belinda Peh, 23

Am always afraid of hair bleaching. Glad that I did not experience any hair damage or fizziness as well. Thanks!


Step 1

Our Stylist will first select and blend high-quality lightening bleaches, to create a bright colour for your locks.

Step 2

We will then carefully apply the premium lightening product to your locks, according to the desired look.

Step 3

After the lightening process, your locks will be placed under a thermal machine, to allow the product to deeply penetrate into the cortex layer of the strands.

Step 4

You will achieve a high-quality and vibrant new colour. The results will be visible and natural.


1. What kind of bleach do you use for the process?

At our salon, we only use high quality products that lighten every strand evenly so your precious tresses remain healthy and shiny! Our team of meticulous stylists will examine your locks beforehand and select one that is most suitable for you. Stylists at YOON are well trained and keep up to date with the best and safest techniques of bleaching. Rest assured, we will apply it to your tresses safely.

2. Why do I need to undergo hair bleaching before colouring?

You are more likely to require this service if you are dyeing your locks a lighter colour. As most Asians have dark-coloured tresses, it is vital to lighten the strands to ensure the hues are vibrant and prominent and the chosen colour is reflected as well as possible. Do approach your friendly stylist here at YOON if you aren’t sure if this will be necessary. We will gladly discuss your options together with you.

3. How long does one session of hair bleaching take?

Each session with our experienced stylists only takes around 60 minutes! Of course, this depends on the length and thickness of your locks. Feel free to ask how long yours would take.

4. How will I know if hair bleaching is safe for my strands?

The results do depend on your hair’s health and the elasticity of your tresses. Hair professionals believe that if your hair strands are stronger and healthier, the results will be truly amazing! Should you have any doubts, you can always clarify them with our friendly stylists.

5. When can I resume shampooing after this treatment?

You need to wait for a full 72 hours before shampooing your tresses. It takes three days for the cuticles to fully close, trap the colour molecules, and retain your new shade. In the meantime, do take the necessary aftercare measures such as keeping your newly lightened tresses out of direct sunlight and rain. Harsh environmental elements may damage your vulnerable locks.

6. How can I tell if hair bleaching will suit me?

As with dyeing your tresses a new shade or trying out a new cut, it’s often guesswork. However, an expert eye can help guide you in the right direction! With years of experience under their belts, our stylists are able to give you advice and even recommend alternative solutions. Call us to arrange for a consultation at YOON, and find out how we can bleach your locks to suit your complexion.

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