• Nanomist Technology
  • Ozone Steamer
  • Intensive Anti-Acne Serum

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  • Nanomist Technology
  • Ozone Steamer
  • Intensive Anti-Acne Serum

Try 1 session for $28




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Before & after

- Eliminates Active Pimples
- Strengthens Skin Barrier
- Nourishes Hair Follicle


customer reviews


Always have acnes growing on my scalp very irritating. I visit Yoon Salon twice every month and the treatment really make my scalp feels cleaner and less oily. The acnes in my hair are also gradually becoming better. Thank you.


Feels great after every session, heal the pimples on my scalp. Thank you to the staff for your great advise and recommendation. Will definitely recommend to my friends and families.


Great Scalp Acne Treatment! Heals most of my acne in my scalp within 5 sessions! Now I can walk out confidently and let my hair down without any embarrassment.


Highly recommend their signature scalp acne treatment! Really refreshing and they really cleanse my whole head with the awesome head massage! I am already looking forward to my next session!


Always have trouble with acnes growing on my head and this time round I am free of acne! Very happy with the service provided! Affordable, effective and awesome!


Step 1

Pimples appear on your crown when bacteria grows within a buildup of sebum in your hair follicles, causing inflammation. Our hair professionals will examine your crown to assess the extent of this damage.

Step 2

We will apply an exfoliating gel to your crown, massaging it gently yet firmly for thorough immersion. You may relax as an ozone steamer increases absorption of the product by increasing circulation within your crown.

Step 3

Next, we will utilise the latest Nanomist technology to coat your crown with an anti-acne serum to calm inflammation and strengthen your follicles.

Step 4

You will notice a significant reduction of inflammation and pimples within your crown, restoring its natural skin barrier.


1. What causes scalp acne?

This condition refers to pimples that develop on your crown. Your crown is covered with hair follicles which grow out of tiny pores. These pores also hold oil glands which produce sebum that coats and protects your crown and hair. These pores can get congested with oil and other contaminants. Even with good hygiene, you might not remove all these contaminants, allowing them to build up and block your pores over time. Bacterial population may grow unchecked within these pores, sparking inflammation which appears as pimples.

2. Is this Scalp Acne Removal Treatment safe?

Yes. Our modern solution uses non-invasive technology, making it suitable for all types of scalps. Moreover, we apply only mild, botanical-based products. These are free from harsh ingredients such as SLS, SLES, parabens, alcohols, synthetic colours, and mineral oils. By using gentle, natural ingredients, it reduces irritation to your skin.

3. What makes this Scalp Acne Removal Treatment effective in tackling scalp acne?

We use the latest in caring for your crown, using Nanomist technology for improved application and absorption of gentle anti-inflammatory products. It also promotes protein generation and regulates sebum secretion levels, rebalancing the skin and encouraging healthier growth.

4. When will I see visible results from this Scalp Acne Removal Treatment?

You will enjoy results after one session, but we highly recommend monthly sessions for best results. Treating your scalp regularly helps mitigate the daily stress that your crown goes through while clearing any product and sebum buildup over time. A healthier crown, in turn, makes room for healthier hair growth.

5. Can I wash my hair after a session of Scalp Acne Removal Treatment?

Yes, but we recommend waiting until the next day to avoid drying out your crown and tresses. Instead, allow your crown the time to recover and restore itself. Moreover, washing your hair too often generally does more harm than good because it strips too much natural sebum from your crown. Try washing your hair every other day to prevent dryness. However, if you feel uncomfortable going to bed without washing your hair, do ask your hair professional for tips on how to minimise stress on your tresses while doing so.

6. Are there any hair products that complement the results of this Scalp Acne Removal Treatment?

You may ask our experienced team of hair professionals for advice on selecting the right hair products. Every individual is different and would benefit from investing in products that cater to their particular needs. Our salon houses a carefully curated selection of gentle yet effective products, from which you may choose to care for your newly refreshed crown.

7. Can I proceed with this Scalp Acne Removal Treatment if I have dandruff?

We would recommend first opting for our Anti Dandruff Treatment to cleanse dandruff from your crown. If you have time to spare that day, we can proceed with both treatments within the same appointment. Alternatively, our friendly consultants are happy to help you schedule two separate appointments if you have other commitments.

8. How do I reschedule my appointment?

Do contact our consultants at any time within our opening hours if you wish to reschedule your appointment. You may find our contact details and information regarding our opening hours at the bottom of this page.

9. Can I opt for Scalp Acne Removal Treatment if I recently bleached my hair?

Yes, you can if it has been at least seven days since you last bleached your hair. Do check with our experienced hair professionals if you have any concerns about this.





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