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customer reviews


Tried their grey hair coverage, after months the colour still stay on well. The hair coverage is very lasting, definitely will try again.

Amanda Liu, 23

Very affordable & exceptional service! Thanks to their quality products, my hair never felt dry despite the amount of hair colouring done. Very satisfied!

Alexis Chee, 37

Great service! Will visit again for sure.

Keily Yeung, 20

Retouching my roots and it was all well covered with the specific colour which was done from my previous salon.

Betty Liu, 24

I went to get a brownish/red colour for my hair, and it look well with my skin tone! Thanks to the hair stylist who recommended me this colour!


Step 1

Our Stylist will first select and blend multi-tonal dyes to create a high-quality colour for your locks.

Step 2

We will then carefully apply the dye to your tresses, according to the desired look.

Step 3

After the dyeing process, your locks will be placed under a thermal machine to allow the colours to deeply penetrate into the cortex layer of the strands.

Step 4

You will achieve a high-quality and vibrant shade in your tresses. The results will be visible and natural.


1. How soon can I shampoo my locks after hair colouring?

You need to wait for a full 72 hours before shampooing your locks. It takes three days for the cuticles to fully close and trap the dye molecules. That’s why it is important for you to avoid washing your tresses and allowing each strand to retain its new shade until your next appointment. Otherwise, they will lose their vividness prematurely. You may then be forced to schedule another session to fix the colour, which may cause unnecessary stress to your vulnerable locks. So give your tresses enough time to settle into its new shade!

2. What kind of hair colouring products do you use?

Our salon provides premium care solutions by only utilising high-quality products on our clients, and yes, all our products are the same across all three outlets. Your locks will love our range of exclusive dyeing products from L’Oréal to Arctic Fox. You can be sure that our meticulous and experienced team will also take the extra effort to explain any product’s purpose to clear up any concerns that you may have beforehand. Be sure to ask them anything!

3. How do I choose the right colour for myself?

Colours, tones, shades — all of this can be very confusing! If you are having a hard time picking a colour or deciding on the right dye, our experienced and helpful stylists are ready to help! Bring along pictures of a few different looks you think may suit you and come by for a consultation. With their keen eyes, our knowledgeable experts can recommend what they think will look great on you based on your complexion.

4. Is there a difference between salon hair colouring and home dyes?

Definitely. Our premium dyeing service is done by trained hair professionals who have years of expertise under their belt. Because altering your hair colour deals with chemical solutions, it is tricky to handle at home by yourself. You run the risk of using a solution that does not work with your tresses, or will strip your locks of its moisture. At the salon, our knowledgeable team of stylists will examine the condition of your tresses first before proceeding.

5. What aftercare habits should I practise for my tresses after going for this hair colouring service?

Aftercare is key to ensuring the longevity of your tresses’ new style. To help the colour last longer, use shampoos and conditioners that are suited for dyed locks. There is a wide range of products available these days so don’t be shy to ask your stylist for their top picks. You would also want to avoid exposing your crowning glory to unnecessary aggressors like chlorine-heavy pool water that can strip the colour.

6. Is it okay to go for hair colouring and other services such as perming on the same day?

It depends. If it is root retouching, it will most likely be fine. But if you wish to dye the entire length of your mane, then its condition plays a key role. For instance, if you would like to both dye your mane and soft rebond it, it is recommended to undergo this service before straightening it one to two weeks later. While not advisable, we may be able to do both the dyeing process and another treatment on the same day if your mane is healthy. Feel free to chat with our highly skilled specialists to get expert advice on the services you require such as hair bleaching.

7. Does hair colouring take very long?

This depends on the current condition of your mane and the colour you intend to dye your locks. For a more accurate answer, come on down for a consultation for a quick discussion with our hair experts.

8. Will the colour last long after my hair colouring session?

Yes, and taking good care of your tresses with the right products will help keep the look fresh.



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