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- Prevents Hair Breakage
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customer reviews

Joanna Lim, 23

I would say YOON has the most affordable hair rebonding service. Highly recommend!

Reene Lai, 18

Straight and long lasting rebonding!


Came here for rebonding and am very satisfied with the whole experience. They also have many outlets to choose from!

Hannah Lee, 25

High quality hair rebonding from YOON salon and i totally looooooove it. Much more affordable as compared to other salons.


I just releazid there are different types of hair rebonding. Great sharing from their staffs and I like my new look!


Step 1

Our Stylist will first apply a straightening solution to your locks to break down the natural bonds.

Step 2

We will then use professional equipment to reset the bonds in each strand and straighten your tresses.

Step 3

After the straightening process, a neutraliser will be added to your tresses to keep them straight for a long time.

Step 4

Each strand of your tresses will achieve a smooth and straight texture. The results will be visible and natural.


1. What is the difference between Straight and Soft Hair Rebonding?

The straight technique uses stronger chemicals and higher heat temperature to get the strands straightened in an extreme manner. You will attain sleek-looking locks with nary a strand out of place. By comparison, the soft technique uses milder chemicals and lower heat temperature. This is the perfect choice for you if you desire results that appear more organic as the soft technique straightens your tresses in a more natural manner. If you’re undecided between these two techniques, our helpful team will be eager to point you towards the right direction.

2. How long does a hair rebonding session usually take?

Each session usually takes around two hours. However, if it involves our premium trimming and styling services such as our premium wash and blow, the duration of your session will usually be stretched a little longer. It also depends on the amount of strands you have and the strength of your natural locks. As perfectionists, we prefer not to compromise on quality for time to ensure that we leave you with nothing less than the locks of your dreams.

3. Can I return to my regular activities after a session of hair rebonding treatment?

Yes! You can instantly get back to immediately return to your routine schedule right after the appointment. Just ensure that you do not wet your hair, go for swimming, or wear accessories.

4. In the past, I have not had a good experience with hair rebonding. Will it damage my tresses again?

Our expert stylists are highly qualified to protect your tresses as much as possible whilst straightening your locks. Since this procedure alters the molecules in your strands, it is very critical to care for them with regular aftercare. Additionally, note that rebonding techniques have improved vastly as compared to a decade ago. Enjoy this service knowing that we have upgraded both our skills and technology. Do seek invaluable advice from our trained professionals to learn more about our range of premium treatments. Remember to take notes on how you can care for your strands after undergoing this treatment!

5. I really want to try out hair rebonding, but will my mane lose its volume?

That is not the case at all! The strength of your original curls, strand type, and styling all do play a part in how your locks will appear after each session. Older methods resulted in poker straight strands that often stuck close to your face but we are very well-trained to execute the soft technique which will have you glow just as naturally. However, it is important to remember that straightened locks do not have the same body as curls. Alternatively, you may wish to opt for our Premium Creative Shaping services to retain or add volume to your locks.



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