Premium Creative Hair Colouring

  • Multiple Colouring
  • Highlighting
  • Ombre
  • Balayage

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Step 1

Our professional stylist will first select and blend multi-tonal dyes, to create unique and high-quality colours for your locks.

Step 2

We will then carefully apply the dye to your strands, utilising the techniques relevant to the desired look.

Step 3

After the colouring process, your tresses will be placed under a thermal machine, to allow the colours to deeply penetrate into the cortex layer of your mane.

Step 4

You will achieve a high-quality and vibrant crowning glory. The results will be visible and natural.



Before & after

- High Intensity Colour
- Locks In Moisture & Colour
- Long Lasting Effect


1. Is there a difference between Balayage and Ombre?

Balayage is a highlighting technique in which our creative stylists will specially dye the parts of your tresses where light naturally reflects. The sweeping shades and hues will make you look as though you’ve luxuriated in the sun all your life. On the other hand, ombre is a technique that results in tones that gradually change from darker shades to lighter shades in a gorgeous gradient.

2. I really like the ombre style, but is it easy to maintain?

Surprisingly, it is! It’s all thanks to its fuss-free maintenance that this technique is so popular. Regrowth is never going to be an issue because your natural shade is left untouched at the roots. So as your mane grows out, the lighter sections will gradually move downwards. Isn’t it awesome? Be sure to ask our stylists for tips on an appropriate care regimen at home, and find out about our Premium Treatments. When you regularly pair these up, trust us, your tresses are going to look fabulous.

3. I really like changing my look. Can I dye my locks often?

Of course you can, provided your tresses are healthy! Have it done professionally, and take great care to maintain its condition correctly in between treatments. If you have concerns, speak with our friendly stylists who are always at your service. You may also select from our range of treatments to care for your newly dyed locks. Our experienced team will know which one will suit you best. Rest assured, your precious tresses are in capable hands.

4. How often should I undergo a touch-up for hair colouring?

For maximum results, you are advised to undergo this service once a month. Most of the clients come for this service every month to maintain the results. In general, brighter shades require more touch ups as compared to darker ones, especially on Asian locks. The speed at which your tresses grow also play a part in how often you will have to return to the salon.

5. Is aftercare for hair colouring very important?

Yes, it is highly critical! Chemicals are used to open up your cuticles in each strand and seal the dye pigments within the shaft. These cuticles take about two weeks to heal, and your locks are extremely vulnerable during this period. To extend the vividness of your new shade, consider choosing from our array of Premium Treatments in a subsequent session. You should also consider trimming your tresses regularly with us to promptly nip any resurgence of split ends in the bud. After all, you’re definitely not going to want damaged ends from ruining your amazing new ‘do. Find out how you can care for your gorgeous new strands from our friendly stylists!


customer reviews

Qiutong Lim, 28

YOON creative hair colouring is really a good deal! I choose a mixture of colour for my hair colouring and the effect is really amazing!

Raven Chou, 23

They really did the perfect ombre colour! Did not expect that it will turn out that well.

Crystal Liu, 32

Tried ombre hair colouring, the colour stayed for months, unlike other salons which the colour would have faded in the 1st month. Highly recommended!

Yuting Tan, 21

This is exactly what I want. Thank you YOON Salon!

Rita Zhu, 34

Yay, exactly the same colour as what I have shown them! Thank you for taking time to mix and produce this unique colour. So happy with the results.

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