• Deep cleansing hair wash
  • Relaxing and comfortable head, neck and shoulder massage
  • Blow and tidy
  • Professional hair styling

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Before & after

- Remove Dirt & Excess Oil
- Achieve More Volume
- Smooth & Sleek Look


customer reviews

Ting Wen, 26

I love their hair wash, I always fall asleep during the hair wash cause their head massage is sooo comfortable!!!


Polite & friendly staff. After coming here for a few times, I have signed up for their VIP membership. Keep up the good work!

Victor Lim, 31

Hair wash is very refreshing, feel like all my scalp dirt and oil are removed.

Amelia Cai, 40

Their head massage is really good and relaxing, always dozed off during their hair wash! Will come back here for more hair services!

Lydia Chong, 22

Their staffs are friendly and good in service. Will add this salon to my regular list!


Step 1

Our Stylist will first perform a deep cleanse on your tresses to remove excess oil, debris, and residue.

Step 2

We will then pamper you with a relaxing head, neck, and shoulder massage. This eases the tension in your muscles, stimulates blood flow to your scalp, and promotes hair growth.

Step 3

Your tresses will be blown dry with controlled heat, to increase shine and smoothness. Our Stylist will professionally style your mane, according to the desired look.

Step 4

You will achieve clean and nourished locks. The results will be professional and stylish.


1. How long does the session take?

Each session takes roughly 30 minutes.

2. How long does the hairstyle last after a Premium Wash and Blow?

Enjoy expertly styled locks that can last up to a week with the use of dry shampoo and a few styling tricks. Our team will be more than happy to share their arsenal of tips with you. Do note that this would also depend on your lifestyle. Be sure to ask your personal stylist for a figure that best reflects your unique needs alone.

3. Is this service suitable for curly hair?

Most definitely. Our skilful stylists know how to handle various textures from naturally straight to wavy and curly locks. When cleansing your curls, they will use suitable curl-friendly products. Our team will also use a diffuser attachment when drying your tresses. Together, these techniques, tools, and products will help retain the curl shape without causing frizz from the heat.

4. Is this service safe for my sensitive scalp?

Rest assured, our careful stylists will make sure that your sensitive scalp is protected during the entire experience. Not only does our team use cleansing products that gently nourish your scalp, but they will massage it with just enough pressure without scratching it. Your stylist will also blow-dry your locks with temperatures based on your comfort level. For a little more TLC, consider our Hair Regrowth Treatment to care for your crown. Your expert stylist can explain how it will benefit your locks in the long run and what happens during the treatment itself to help you decide.

5. Can the Premium Wash and Blow help my frizzy hair?

Yes! With our well-curated range of nourishing products and superb hair-drying technique, you will be able to enjoy frizz-free locks for about a week. For longer-lasting results, why not try our Defrizzing Treatments? It guarantees intense hydration and will restore much-needed vigour to your frizzy, thirsty strands. You’d leave the salon with locks so beautiful, you’re sure to be the talk of the town. Be sure to ask our stylist about it if you’re interested.

6. Can I combine a Premium Wash and Blow with other services?

Of course. All of our services always end with cleansing off any remaining product and leaving you with a hairstyle that is nothing short of perfect. If you’ve thought of a specific final look, feel free to let your stylist know.

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