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Step 1

Our Stylist will first recommend the best style that suits your face shape, complexion, and personality.

Step 2

We are very experienced in a wide range of techniques, including wedge, graduated, blunt, and layered cuts.

Step 3

After the assessment, your tresses will be professionally designed, cut, and styled, according to the desired look.

Step 4

You will achieve an attractive and modern look. The results will be professional and stylish.



Before & after

- Personalised Style Guide
- Haircuts Designed Uniquely For Every Face Shape
- Highly Precised Cutting Technique


1. Which hair cut suits my face shape?

Our stylist will first personally assess what your face shape is, which can be oval, square, round, heart, long, or diamond shape. We will then recommend the best style that suits you. For example, a square-shaped face should not have thick bangs, and a long-shaped face should steer clear of lengthy tresses that lack dimension. The perfect style and length can bring out your best facial features and even make you the envy of those around you. Of course, our face shapes may not necessarily neatly fit into one category. Some people can belong somewhere in between an oval and diamond category, for instance. You might, then, pick a style that suits your dominant shape or even pull off looks that flatter both of them. Feel free to come down to any of our outlets  — we would absolutely love to explore your options together with you. Just name the date and time!

2. Do your services also cater to children?

Yes, we are indeed able to trim children’s locks! No longer would you have to worry about keeping their hair at a manageable length by yourself. However, as no individual is identical to the next, please do approach any of our friendly stylists to find out more about the service. Our team would be better able to share with you more information, based on your child’s locks. Of course, for safety reasons, we will need parents or guardians to stay throughout the duration of the appointment. This ensures that your child feels completely at ease throughout the experience as we give them the desired look safely. Rest assured, our highly skilled stylists will do their utmost to snip off the strands as safely and efficiently as possible with minimal fuss.

3. Does my child qualify for a Kids Hair Cut?

If your child falls between the ages of 2 and 16, yes! Simply present appropriate identification, such as a student identification card or passport, when you’re here for their appointment. Don’t forget that you would need to be present for the entirety of the session to assure them of their safety. On our part, our dedicated and experienced team will do our best to make your children feel completely at ease as we trim their locks. All of us take great pride in looking out for our client’s interests, regardless of their age.

4. How long does each session take?

Each session duration depends on the length of your tresses and selected style. A quick trim can take approximately half an hour or so, give or take. On the other hand, an appointment for the big chop, though, can take around 60 minutes. If you need a more accurate gauge to pencil your appointment into your busy schedule, don’t be afraid to ask your personal stylist here at YOON for a closer estimate. Our experienced team will be able to give you a much clearer picture of the time factor, based on your locks. For instance, your tresses may require a deeper and more careful cleanse beforehand, which may extend the appointment’s duration. Any final styling towards the end may also take some time to perfect as we definitely aim for you to walk out with your ideal new look.

5. How often should I undergo this service?

For maximum results, you need to undergo this service once a month. Most of the clients come for this service every month to maintain the results. A regular trim can keep your tresses looking their absolute best by keeping split ends at bay. Shorter tresses and fringes, especially, will require plenty of upkeep to maintain their length. Speak with your personal stylist to discuss how to fit your appointments with us into your schedule. Depending on the services required, you may even be able to fit one into your lunch breaks or later in the evening.


customer reviews

Xin Ee Beh, 18

My fav hair salon affordable and service is good! After trimming hair, you won’t get frizzy hair.


My personal best hair salon in Singapore! The hair stylists are detailed when they are cutting my hair. Thanks to their amazing service!

Jennifer Liu, 24

Affordable hair cut with experienced hair stylist. Could not be more than happy for my hair and my wallet!


I love getting my monthly hair trim from YOON as they help to cut away my dead ends and the frizzy part of my hair! Thank you for keeping my hair neat and tame!

Kirsten Foo, 31

So far the best hairdresser I ever had.
I would rate them 5 Stars!





By submitting, you agree to our website privacy policy.