• Nanomist Technology
  • Ozone Steamer
  • Purifying Scalp Essence

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  • Nanomist Technology
  • Ozone Steamer
  • Purifying Scalp Essence

Try 1 session for $28




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Before & after

- Banishes Flaky Dandruff
- Nourishes Your Scalp
- Regulates Sebum Levels


customer reviews


Signed up for a Anti Dandruff hair treatment and it was relaxing and cooling for my hair! I enjoyed my sessions there.


Have been coming here for my treatment for the past couple of months. The staff here have always been very helpful and professional. My scalp always feels refreshed after the treatment! Would definitely recommend!


My dandruff condition improved a lot after 6 months treatment, definitely will continue with Yoon Salon and recommend my friends as well! Good job!


Been having dandruff all my life I finally decided to approach YOON for the dandruff treatment, and I saw great improvement. The condition improved very well. My hair drop lesser too. Thank you YOON!


My hair dandruff has gradually improved after the hair treatment… I can feel that that my hair and scalp is much more refreshing! Thank you for your hospitality and all your awesome service!


Step 1

White or yellow flakes may appear on your scalp due to numerous possible reasons such as genetics and insufficient shampooing. Treating this condition starts with assessing your scalp’s condition.

Step 2

Your hair professional will massage in an exfoliating gel, using an ozone hair steamer to stimulate the scalp for improved absorption. We will then cleanse this off with a gentle cleanser and perform a relaxing lymphatic massage.

Step 3

Next, we will use the latest Nanomist technology to apply a purifying essence to your scalp. This gentle action clears the flakes from the scalp, even in hard-to-reach areas, without causing further irritation and inflammation.

Step 4

You will notice a significantly clearer and healthier scalp, free of persistent flakes.


1. What causes dandruff?

This condition can arise from a myriad of causes, including manageable ones such as insufficient shampooing or incompatible hair products. However, there are other root causes that are more difficult to control such genetics, leading to naturally dry or oily skin. Not unlike your skin, oil glands are also present in your scalp. These glands release an oily substance known as sebum to regulate moisture within the scalp. Either too much or too little sebum can lead to the appearance of flaky scalp. Another possible cause is skin disease such as fungal infection and eczema. Newer studies also suggest that bacteria levels can affect your scalp — in particular, Propionibacterium and Staphylococcus.

2. How do I find out what causes my dandruff?

It helps to start with identifying the type. If the flakes appear yellowish and feel oily, they are likely the oily type. The dry type brings about flakes that are smaller and white. Our experienced hair professionals can help you identify the difference between them and assess your scalp condition if you are uncertain. However, you may wish to rule out skin disease with a healthcare professional, particularly if you suspect fungal infection. A doctor will be able to prescribe an anti-fungal treatment to rid your scalp of fungus.

3. How does this Anti Dandruff Treatment help clear dandruff?

Our innovative solution not only cleanses the flakes from your scalp, but it also helps regulate sebum levels from within to keep them at bay for longer. This multi-action cleanse will also help reduce inflammation, leaving your crown refreshed and free of flakes. We will also advise you on the right hair products to use at home to keep your scalp healthy.

4. When will I notice results from Anti Dandruff Treatment?

You will notice results instantly after one session, but we recommend opting for monthly sessions to experience best results. This is particularly the case if genetics are the reason behind the appearance of flakes on your scalp. Regular sessions can help you better regulate sebum levels for the long haul.

5. How do I reschedule my Anti Dandruff Treatment?

Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly consultants to request for assistance. You may find our contact information at the bottom of this page.

6. Can I opt to undergo this Anti Dandruff Treatment after dyeing my hair?

Generally speaking, we do not usually recommend multiple treatments within the same day to avoid stressing your precious tresses. Do discuss your plans with our attentive hair care team of professionals ahead of time. They will personally assess your hair condition and inform you if they believe that it is possible to proceed with both treatments. Alternatively, they may provide you with advice for scheduling your treatments.

7. How do I find the right shampoo after my Anti Dandruff Treatment?

Do ask our hair professionals for their advice on products that may suit you. They will be able to assess your hair and scalp in person and identify the right products for you.

8. Are there any important aftercare tips following my Anti Dandruff Treatment?

Do ensure that your scalp receives the nutrients it needs with healthy lifestyle habits. A balanced diet and sufficient hydration are central to scalp health by improving circulation and restoring moisture. In particular, do consume plenty of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and vitamin B12. You will find these nutrients in foods such as fish and green leafy vegetables.

9. Can I wash my hair after my Anti Dandruff Treatment?

We recommend waiting until the following day to wash your hair since our meticulous hair professionals would have already given your scalp a thorough cleanse. Unfortunately, excessive shampooing can dry out your scalp, aggravating it and causing flakes to appear once more.





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