Leading Hairdresser

  • Premium Hair Cut
  • Premium Creative Hair Colouring
  • Premium Hair Colouring
  • Premium Hair Rebonding
  • Premium Hair Perming
  • Premium Creative Hair Shaping
  • Hair Regrowth Treatment
  • Hair Defrizzing Treatment
  • Premium Wash and Blow
  • Premium Hair Bleaching

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Leading Hairdresser

  • Premium Hair Cut
  • Premium Creative Hair Colouring
  • Premium Hair Colouring
  • Premium Hair Rebonding
  • Premium Hair Perming
  • Premium Creative Hair Shaping
  • Hair Regrowth Treatment
  • Hair Defrizzing Treatment
  • Premium Wash and Blow
  • Premium Hair Bleaching

Try 1 session

for $28




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Before & after

- Smooth & Soft to Touch
- Shiny & Natural Looking Curls
- Healthy Bounce


customer reviews

Loh Zhi Xuan, 30

Love my newly rebonded hair! They are incredibly nice and professional with handling my hair. Defintely helps to tame my frizzy mane. Can’t wait to go back soon!

Jessica Chua, 25

Extremely attentive and meticulous with my mane. The stylist tried to mix out the colour for me and the result was excellent! Love my new style!

Wee Tin Ling, 26

Highly recommend the scalp treatment at Yoon Salon. Really felt a difference to my scalp, and its now no long itchy! Thanks so much!

Isabel Ng, 29

Great hairstylists who are friendly, easygoing and patient. Love the outcome of my hair cut. Highly recommended!

Linda Koh, 32

Satisfied with the scalp treatment! With regular treatments, I could actually feel my scalp getting better. Thank you to the team at YOON salon!


Step 1

First, the stylist will assess your mane and discuss with you how they will replicate your desired look.

Step 2

Next, your personal stylist will clarify your locks and scalp with a thorough cleanse.

Step 3

The expert stylist will then begin your treatment using only high-quality products and the best techniques.

Step 4

You will finally achieve your desired look. The stylist will also impart the best tips and tricks to manage your tresses before you leave the salon.


1. Will a YOON hairdresser be able to suggest a perming style for me?

Definitely! Stylists at YOON are aware of all the latest trends and have the expertise to discern the perfect style for you.

2. Should I bring images of my hair goals when consulting my hairdresser?

Yes, of course. Feel free to research your ideal look and bring along two to three examples to your consultation.

3. How do I book an appointment with a hairdresser at YOON?

Simply leave your particulars using the form on this page, and we will assist with booking your appointment.

4. Will a hairdresser accept walk-ins?

We may accept walk-ins if there are any available slots. To avoid disappointment, please book your appointment in advance.

5. What is the cancellation policy for YOON hairdresser appointments?

Do contact us ahead of time if you wish to cancel your appointment. Please note that all transactions are strictly non-refundable.

6. When should I arrive at the appointment with a YOON hairdresser?

We would appreciate it if you arrive 20 minutes beforehand. This will give your locks all the time and attention that they deserve.

7. Will I get a reminder before my appointment with my hairdresser?

Yes, you will receive a reminder one day before your appointment.

8. If I am late for an appointment with a YOON hairdresser, will my hairdresser still proceed with it?

We regret to inform you that we are unable to proceed beyond a 10-minute grace period.

9. What happens during a consultation with a hairdresser?

Our team of professionals will examine your tresses and help you decide on a suitable style or treatment based on your expectations, hair condition, and lifestyle.

10. Should I wash my hair before my appointment with a hairdresser at YOON? Or will the hairdresser wash it for me?

Yes, you may wash it the day before.

11. Can I use hair products before my appointment with my hairdresser?

Do steer clear of using too much hair product before your appointment.

12. Can I bleach my mane myself instead of letting a hairdresser do it?

Attempting a bleach job at home is not advisable. Experts at YOON have the know-how to apply it safely.

13. What are the risks of solo hair bleaching, compared to application by a hairdresser?

Bleach is an extremely strong chemical. Without the right technique, you may destroy your strands or burn your scalp.

14. Can a hairdresser advise if I am able to perm and colour in one day?

Yes, an experienced stylist can appraise the health of your locks first. However, it is not advisable to undergo both in one day.

15. What will happen if I schedule perming and colouring with a hairdresser in one day?

Both utilise chemicals that can harm your strands. Thus, we recommend separating them.

16. How far apart should I schedule perming and colouring with the hairdresser?

Ideally, you should get a perm first before colouring your locks two to three weeks later.

17. How do I benefit from separate hairdresser appointments for perming and colouring?

The break will allow your tresses to regain their strength and the new curls to settle for optimal hair colouring.

18. How can a hairdresser at YOON help frizzy hair?

Our skilled experts will assess your hair and suggest our Hair Defrizzing Treatment.

19. What are the key benefits of getting my hair done by a hairdresser?

Professional stylists are experts at applying different treatments to change your look or keep your tresses healthy.

20. Does a hairdresser provide styling services?

Yes! Professionals at YOON can expertly style your locks to ensure they look chic and fresh.

21. How long does it take for a YOON hairdresser to style my mane?

It may take anywhere between 30-45 minutes, depending on the style.

22. Can I get an approximate duration of a hairdresser appointment?

Yes. Feel free to drop by for a quick chat with our friendly stylists, who can provide you an approximate duration.

23. Can a hairdresser perm my damaged mane?

Perming is not recommended for highly damaged tresses. However, this depends on its severity. Do ask your stylist beforehand.

24. What can a hairdresser do for my damaged locks if I want a perm one day?
25. A hairdresser from a different salon dyed my mane. Can a YOON hairdresser redye it?

It depends on its condition, current colour, and your desired outcome.

26. What if I dislike my new look by the YOON hairdresser?

Please don’t hesitate to let your stylist know. Above all, we want to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied.

27. What products can I expect a YOON hairdresser to use?

YOON stylists use only premium products by reputable brands such as L’Oréal, Jolen, and Wella.

28. How can I get in touch with a hairdresser?

You may leave your particulars using the form on this page or via the details in our Contact Us page.

29. Can I reschedule my appointment with a YOON hairdresser?

Yes, you may inform your consultant should the need arise.

30. Can I ask the hairdresser to choose my new look?

Relying on years of experience, a YOON hairdresser can advise options that will best suit you.

31. Am I allowed to choose a hairdresser?

Absolutely! If you have a preferred stylist, do let us know.

32. Does a YOON hairdresser know how to cut curly locks?

Yes! Our stylists are trained to cut tresses of all textures and types.

33. I need to change my appointment to another time slot. Will I get the same hairdresser?

It depends on your stylist’s schedule. We will do our best to match your schedule with that of your desired stylist’s. You may also choose to work with a new stylist as they are all seniors hairstylists.

34. Can a YOON hairdresser teach me how to care for my new tresses?

Definitely! Before leaving, simply ask your friendly stylist.

35. Can I ask a hairdresser to teach me how to replicate my new style at home?

Our stylists are happy to show you how to recreate it yourself.

36. Is there a hairdresser who can cut my children’s tresses?

At YOON, we offer Kid’s Cuts! We simply need a parent/guardian to be present.

37. Is there a hairdresser specifically for men?

Experts at YOON have the expertise to attend to both men and women.

38. Can a hairdresser assess the quality of my strands? Will the hairdresser also recommend new products?

Yes, ask your stylist for product recommendations that are more suitable for your hair type based on an assessment.

39. Will my hairdresser take before-and-after pictures?

Feel free to ask. Our stylists are more than happy to be a part of your hair journey!

40. Is a YOON hairdresser able to see me during my lunch break?

Definitely, if you have made an appointment. Otherwise, do call to check their availability.

41. How should I dress for an appointment?

For longer appointments, consider comfortable clothing.

42. Can a hairdresser replicate a cut I found online?

Yes, but your stylist will definitely discuss minor changes if necessary to ensure it suits you completely.

43. I just want to trim my split ends off. Will a hairdresser at YOON do that?

Absolutely, fill up the form below and we’ll get back to you soon!





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