Why You Should Rebond Your Hair

Why You Should Rebond Your Hair

Some people find that managing their hair comes easily. For others, having frizzy locks makes this extremely difficult or plain impossible. This situation is all too common, and most of us who have to deal with it often find ourselves wishing for easier-to-manage tresses. To help ourselves get some extra sleep in the mornings, many of us turn to perming, colouring, straightening, and rebonding in hopes that these methods will ease our styling routine.

And to date, hair rebonding is still one of the best options around for instantly immaculate locks. To begin with, let’s first find out what is rebonding and who should seriously consider opting for this treatment.


Rebonding: Contextualising the Process

1. What is Rebonding?

Rebonding is a process where a series of styling techniques are applied to make one’s hair poker straight. This process also prevents the treated locks from re-curling if it is not naturally straight. So fret not, this procedure will have your tresses neatly in place the entire day.

2. What is Its Origin Story?

This technique originated from Japan. In the early 2000s, it became the talk of town and also a common fashion statement in Singapore. New variations have ever since emerged but the basics remain the same.

3. What Does It Do?

Asians always struggle with tight schedules because we wear multiple hats — being a mum, an employee, an entrepreneur, a friend, a gym-goer, a traveller, and the list goes on. Moreover, our hot and humid city-state can cause our tresses to be more prone to dryness, breakage, and frizz. Rebonding solves all these concerns intelligently. It lets you enjoy smooth and silky tresses within a few hours at a salon, regardless of the weather conditions. You will enjoy a style that stays flawless amid your piling commitments and weather conditions. When a woman has her tresses rebonded, she enjoys these incredible benefits:

  • Frizz control
  • Convenience
  • Pollutant Cleansing


Are You Suitable for Rebonding?

Since the advantages are attractive, many of us will be inclined to try rebonding. But nevertheless, when it comes to a new look, it is fair to have concerns. No one wants to drastically change the way they appear or worst, choose a style that makes them look awkward. But trust us, this technique is for everyone, especially with the introduction of soft rebonding. It generally suits everyone, regardless of:

  • Face shape
  • Personality
  • Hair type
  • Complexion

All that you have to do is to follow one crucial step: have the treatment performed by highly experienced professionals.


How Rebonding Works?

Now that you know what rebonding is, let’s move on to the steps involved in a session. Here’s an overview:

1. Cleansing

Your locks need to be very fresh to begin with, for the process to be effective. The first step of this entire procedure is to wash your locks thoroughly. Your stylist will use a mild cleanser to get rid of any unwanted product residue, dead skin cells, and dirt from your scalp. No conditioner will be used at this stage.

2. Sectional Division

Next, your hair is blow-dried. Once it is completely dried, your stylist will untangle all the knots in your locks and comb it straight down. With that done, he or she will divide your locks into workable sections based on their natural thickness and texture.

3. Application of a Relaxant

A straightening relaxant lotion is later applied onto the divided sections. The role of this relaxant is to help loosen the bonds that make up your hair. When they are loose, they will be able to restructure themselves to form that fresh, straight hair look. Your hair will be kept as straight as possible while every stand is evenly coated with the lotion. The relaxant will remain on your tresses for approximately 30 to 40 minutes, depending on your hair type.

4. Steaming and Ironing

Following that, your tresses will be steamed using a thermal machine. After the steaming session, your stylist will wash, blow dry, and press sections of your locks with a hot iron. This technique completely breaks down the bonds in your hair, resulting in a change of texture and shape.

5. Application of a Neutraliser

After straightening, a neutraliser is applied onto the surface of your tresses. The role of this neutraliser is to help set the new bonds, straightening each strand into its new structure. Your long tresses will hereafter lose their ability to naturally curl up due to their altered physical structure.

6. Wash and Blow-Dry

Finally, your locks will be washed, blow-dried, and styled as per your preference. The stylist will finish off the new look with a conditioning serum to protect your locks. Within a couple of hours in a salon, you will have a fantabulous hairstyle to change your life instantly for the better. Why do we say for the better? What are the advantages? Let’s take a look at them.


Reason #1: Frizz Control

The first benefit that we are going to discuss is frizz control. If you have curls that are out of control or frizzy locks, rebonding is absolutely the most suitable option for you. The frizz around and in your locks will vanish, making your tresses so much easier to manage after one session.

1. No Tangles

Rebonding helps hair that easily knots up to become tangle-free. It smoothes out your locks completely so you will not have to worry about frizz or uncontrollable curls. With straightened tresses, you need not reach out for spiral combs anymore. All that you will ever need is a wide-toothed comb to neaten the strands.

2. No Mess

If your natural hair is frizzy, you can say goodbye to stray flyaways that persist after tying up or styling your locks. For those of us who have frizzy strands, we know that trying to create a smooth surface with multiple pins and clips, may not solve the issue. The best way out of this problem is none other than rebonding. No matter how you style or tie your locks up, the straightness is never compromised. At the end of the day, your tresses will remain tame and calm.  You may even take a walk in the park on a windy day or even take a bike ride with your locks let down — nothing will happen to your sleek, straight hair.


Reason #2: Convenience

The second benefit of rebonding is, of course, convenience. With straightened locks, you can forget about worrying. You do not have to take out time every single morning from your tight schedule to fix your tresses.

1. Hassle-Free

Rebonding comes as a hassle-free solution for many of us. All that you will have to do before you head out is to apply a nourishing serum to add shine to your mane and comb it down.

2. Time-Saver

Rebonding remains as the only styling option that prevents you from repeating a daily routine of standing in front of your mirror and styling your hair. Instead, you can invest the time in some other far more productive activity. Forget difficult tangles and multiple pins; with rebonded tresses, you will never have to rush to get ready for an event or work.

3. Highly Versatile

If you have an event or a photoshoot coming up soon, you may by all means proceed to temporarily alter your look. Temporary perming or curling will cause no damage to the straightness of your locks because the bonds have already been altered through the treatment. A thorough wash is enough to bring your locks back to its normal soft, sleek, and straight look. No stress about it. Isn’t it awesome how versatile rebonded locks are?


Reason #3: Pollutant Cleansing

Just as with your skin, dirt in the air and residue from the products we use can lead a negative impact on your tresses. Rebonding helps to cleanse your hair more regularly than usual by clearing those particles out of your locks.

Another thing to note is that rebonding encourages you to visit the salon more frequently to upkeep the straightness. When you go for such appointments, the professionals will help to deep cleanse your locks using salon-grade products.

Our wash and blow service uses a specially formulated cleanser that helps to penetrate into your shafts to keep your mane free from:

1. Pollutants in Air

Our air is already loaded with pollutants, such as soot, dust, lead, smoke, ammonia, and more. Many of us, whether we’re students or career women, are forced to deal with dirt and polluting elements while commuting. Even a minute out in a park or a walk to a hawker centre can introduce pollutants to our hair. These toxic particles affect our tresses badly as they can enter the skin of our scalp and hinder the growth of new strands. They may also cause irritation, dryness, breakage, and even premature baldness.

2. Residue from Products

Some products such as serums, sprays, and lotions may have a sticky or heavy texture. This nature makes it easier to attract those pollutants found in the air to your locks. With dirt stuck to the strands, your tresses automatically lose their shine.


Reason #4: Convenient Salon Solution

The biggest advantage of rebonding is that the service helps keep your mane in long-lasting shape. A single appointment is more than enough to transform your crowning glory into enviably manageable locks.

1. Professional Service

Get it done professionally. Never do it by yourself or ask a friend to help you do it. Rebonding requires the right techniques to yield best results. Only a salon has the right knowledge and products to protect your tresses before and after a treatment.

2. Split End Trimming

Split ends can cause frizz. To ensure your treatment starts off on the right foot, they must be trimmed off. You can prevent any split ends from occurring afterwards by being gentle with your strands and use nourishing products.

3. Aftercare

To ensure your rebonded locks keep their shape, you should keep your crown well hydrated and conditioned. Without proper aftercare, your frizz may return. You can ask our trusty stylists to recommend products for your at home routine. Utilising deep conditioning products and serums keep your newly rebonded tresses nourished, shiny, and most importantly, healthy!



By now, you may be able to see how rebonding solves most of our hair concerns. It offers you a stunning hairstyle and convenience as a complete package. With rebonded tresses, you can always look neat and go about your life without having to worry about how you appear.

But just one thing you will need to keep in mind before opting for this treatment. Though the process leaves you hassle-free for days, you need to put in some effort to keep your mane healthy and nourished.

To ensure your tresses receive the very best, invest in a professional treatment to keep your beloved locks in fantastic shape! At YOON Salon, our stylists have in-depth product knowledge and hands-on experience. The results will definitely leave you spellbound.