What is Digital Perming?

What is Digital Perming?

Hair is a great avenue for self-expression. With the right hairstyle, you can best represent your identity to those around you. That is why stylists have come up with so many hairstyles and treatments for you to choose from. One of those popular treatments is perming.

Hair perming is a salon technique that gives anyone curls, chemically altering the structure of your tresses. This is better than your home styling irons, which only give you temporary waves that disappear at the next wash.

If you wonder whether the treatment is for you, read on! We will share more about digital perming, how it works, and the steps you can take to make your new look last.


Transform Your Tresses With Digital Perming

There are two main kinds of salon perms — digital and cold perms. You can opt for digital perming, which combines heat and a chemical solution to transform your naturally straight tresses into wondrous waves. Cold wave treatment, on the other hand, relies only on a stronger chemical solution to create more tightly defined coils.

If subtle, natural-looking waves are your heart’s desire, you’re going to want a digital perm. Digital reconditioning techniques are fantastic for those looking for those larger, softer waves.

1. Curls Naturally Straight Tresses

No doubt, naturally straight tresses require minimal maintenance. But if you have thin and fine strands, it’s time to change things up for a new look! Digital perming is the perfect way to soften your look. Rather than stick to the same old straight locks, why not take a walk on the wild side and explore what it is like to be a curly-haired girl?

2. Reduces Daily Styling

Perming gives your tresses instant style. With more volume and texture already set into your tresses, no longer will you have to take some time every morning fixing your locks. What’s more, putting your crowning glory through the daily stressors of heat styling at home can lead to dryness and frizz. On the flip side, a salon treatment will protect your tresses from regular heat styling. You also get to enjoy natural-looking waves with the help of an expert who can do it better and safer, with longer-lasting results.

3. Get That Trendy Curl Look

From gentle waves to voluminous ringlets, curls are definitely in. Everyone is sporting some kind of curly style these days. Even our favourite pop stars and popular drama actors now flaunt flawless, luxurious curls! But getting that trendy, naturally curly look at home is not as easy as it looks. In fact, daily heat styling and tons of styling products can damage your cuticles in the long run. Perming keeps you looking on point while protecting your tresses.


4 Latest Digital Perming Styles

Now that you are all eager to get your curl on, it’s time to find the perfect style for you. To achieve that feminine look, here are four styles that you can choose from:

1. Korean S-Curl Perm

This is the most popular curl style, and it is no surprise why! Since it is not too tightly defined, this wave treatment can be done on all lengths, from a short bob to long locks. Its pattern resembles the letter ‘S’, creating the appearance of natural, soft waves that are evenly spread out throughout. Another great plus point is that even while adding much-needed volume, it is still an easy and manageable style. If you are a busy go-getter, this is the one for you.

2. Korean C-Curl Perm

For those of you going for that gentle and demure look, this is your best bet. Its pattern resembles the letter ‘C’, in which the ends of your hair curl inwards. While any length is suitable for this style, it goes best with a short bob so that your jawline is well-contoured. Regardless of your face shape, its smooth and sleek wave pattern will definitely flatter.

3. Korean Wave Perm

Another popular choice is this wave style that will help you achieve that natural, beachy look. With volume and bounce, this pattern is sophisticated enough for formal events, but still looks relaxed for more informal hang out. This is perfect for those of you who want to transition from your work day to a night out without too much fuss.

4. Japanese Perm

Unlike those developed by Koreans, this Japanese curl style is a lot more youthful and has a natural messiness to it. The idea behind it is not necessarily to have a defined coif, but rather to create texture. This gives body and style in an understated way. The Japanese wave pattern is also accompanied by layered haircuts for a bouncy, light feel. If you are looking to refresh your look in a mild manner, this is the perfect style to pick.


How Does Digital Perming Work?

Now that you are familiar with the styles of digital curling that are out there, let’s learn more about what goes on during its process.

If you’re wondering how long it takes, a good digital perm can take up to two hours. However, this is subject to how much hair you have and how long it is. It may also take longer if your cuticles have been weakened by past treatments and needs extra protective conditioning. The right stylist will take care of all your hair needs to give you the best results.

Read on to learn the process, step-by-step.

1. Prep With a Wash and Detangle

Prep is the first step to a perfect perm, starting with a cleanse. A good stylist knows the importance of using a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your locks. Like most people, your locks may be bogged down by its own natural oils. If you use styling and maintenance products regularly, these also tend to leave behind residue on your cuticle layer. This layer of oils and product residue can prevent the cuticle from properly absorbing the curling solution. After cleansing, a gentle towel-dry helps to remove excess water. While your tresses are still damp, the stylist will carefully detangle any knots using a wide-toothed comb.

2. Application of Perming Solution

The stylist will then meticulously apply a curling solution to your locks. The science behind this is simple. Your natural texture is determined by the arrangement of disulphide bond structures in each strand. Before the stylist can reform your locks into the perfect shape, these bonds must first be chemically loosened. Digital treatments do just that, using solutions with an acidic pH. After some time, the structures will become sufficiently loosened. The stylist will promptly wash out the solution before moving on to the next step.

3. Shaping of Hair Around Hot Rods

Now, the stylist expertly uses hot rods to help mould the hair into those curly waves you’ve long desired. The size of the heated rods and how these are placed throughout your locks will influence the pattern you will end up with. What’s so great about this technique is that these hot rods help to create larger waves that are stronger and last longer. Moreover, these heated rods are controlled digitally, so that the stylist can monitor the temperature to make sure they do not get too hot. This helps to prevent any damage to your tresses.

4. Application of Neutraliser

With your tresses properly rearranged into the new style, they are now ready for the neutraliser solution. This solution helps to adjust the pH of your cuticles back to normal. In doing so, it rebonds the keratin proteins in the brand new structure. After the neutraliser sets the hair, the stylist will rinse your mane of any remaining solution.

5. Styling And Review

As a finishing touch, the stylist will gently blow-dry your curls and style them for you. This is a great opportunity for you to get some expert tips on how to recreate this look back home. A professional stylist would also take some time to brief you on proper aftercare. They may also recommend some good aftercare products to protect your new crowning glory in the weeks ahead.


Aftercare for Your Curls

Now that you have your luxurious new locks, make sure you take care of them. For the hours of hard work by your stylist, here are eight tips to keep your digital perm lasting for longer.

1. Hands Off for the Next 48 Hours

Your brand new tresses need time to develop. The most important thing to remember is that you must not wash or wet your hair for the next 48 hours. If you wash your locks too early, this can undo the chemical process and loosen those gorgeous wave definitions before they have a chance to set. This will cause your waves to not last as long as they should. Besides that, you should also avoid touching its shape as much as possible in the first two days. Disturbing the waves too early may disrupt the curl direction, spoiling the look.

2. Use the Right Products

When you can start washing, treat your new waves with the aftercare products they deserve. Go for protein-rich care products that have been developed for chemically treated locks. The products you pick should contain formulas that prioritise hydrating to enhance your locks. However, do check that they are not too creamy or contain silicone ingredients as these can weigh down on your tresses and ruin the look. You should also steer clear of adding alcohol-heavy products to your cart. These are extremely dehydrating and will cause frizz, which is the exact opposite of what your tresses need.

3. Condition More

It never hurts to moisturise more. The chemicals used when curling your hair can strip the nutrients and natural hydration from your cuticles. This strikes a balance between clarifying your cuticles and keeping your waves well-nourished. Hydrating your treated locks will keep your curls looking as fresh as when you first stepped out of the salon with them.

4. Comb Sparingly

When it comes to caring for your waves, brushes are your worst enemy. Stow away your hairbrushes. Instead, add a wide-toothed comb to your shower routine and comb with conditioner on. Even better, use your own fingers to gently comb through your locks. This will help to detangle your locks while keeping their perfect shape.

5. Skip the Styling Tools

Keep artificial stressors like styling irons and blow-dryers away from your locks. Having dedicated a good portion of your afternoon at the salon, your hair is already styled. All you need to set its look for the day is a simple finger scrunch. You will have no use for any additional styling tools back home. Not only will these cause dryness and frizz, any application of heat is likely to loosen your waves even more. If you absolutely must blow-dry your tresses, set the heat to cool and use a diffuser to retain their shape.

6. Protect Against the Elements

Protect your crowning glory from the sun’s UV rays and other external aggressors. When you are out for lunch with your colleagues, a light scarf or umbrella is your best friend in hot, sunny Singapore. It also goes without saying that you should avoid swimming pools as the chlorinated water is not good for your salon curl.

7. Save Colouring Treatments for Later

Experimental folks among you may be itching to test out a new hair colour — save that for later. Your precious cuticles have been through a lot. Give them a chance to recover and stay in good condition. Setting a colouring treatment too closely after your perm will adversely affect your hair. Not only will it overload your locks with chemicals and damage them, but your perm may not survive the new colour.



Whether it’s beachy waves or the sleek curl, venturing into the world of digital perming styles is exciting. Never again will you have to settle for your natural hair texture or stick to only one style.

The best stylists take the time to understand your hair and lifestyle. They will also consider your individual tastes and preferences before suggesting the perfect style for you. It takes careful, experienced hands to get a perm right — look no further than our team here at YOON. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment with us, once you are ready for that curly look.