How to Pick A Haircut for Your Lifestyle

How to Pick A Haircut for Your Lifestyle

Many people choose to express themselves through their hairstyles. After all, your hair is one of the first things people notice about you.

But people often don’t realise how your lifestyle should be a consideration whenever you are trying to pick a haircut. Choosing one based on your lifestyle can benefit you in many ways. Overall, there are three main considerations to look at when picking the ideal haircut:

  • Face shape
  • Hair texture
  • Lifestyle

Before narrowing down the right ‘do for your lifestyle, let’s take a look at the first two factors.


Determine Your Face Shape

One main reason to establish the shape of your face is so that you can choose the most flattering style for yourself. A great cut will accentuate your best features and fit the dimensions of your face.

There are approximately six common types of faces:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Heart-shaped
  • Square
  • Oblong
  • Diamond

Although the rules stated below are general and, therefore, not necessary to comply with, they give you a rough gauge for you to select the best option for yourself. Now, grab a measuring tape and let’s get started!

1. Round

A rounded jaw and broad cheekbones on a visage that has an almost equal length and width falls under the category of round. Additionally, its length and the width tend to be longer than both the forehead and jawline.

2. Oval

Similar to a round face, the cheek area is the widest on an oval face. But the length of it is longer than its width. Like a spoon, the forehead and chin are both smooth and curved. By and large, most oval-shaped faces are not sharp but gently rounded.

3. Heart-Shaped

This type features a wide forehead. When measuring your cheeks and chin, the numbers should decrease, as a heart-shaped face narrows down the further you go down your face, ending off with a prominent chin.

4. Square

A square-shaped face means the differences between your measurements are not that vast. The length, breadth, forehead, and jawline of your face have almost the same figures when measured with a tape.

5. Oblong

A difference between a square and oblong is the length of the face. Common attributes, aside from a long face, are cheeks,  jawbones, and a forehead that are almost equivalent in measurements.

6. Diamond

Not to be confused with a heart shape, you can identify a diamond-shaped face from its tapered forehead, broad cheeks, and tapered chin. Like a kite, if the figures for your forehead and chin are very close and the one for your cheeks is not, you’re most likely a diamond.


Preferred Styles for Your Face Shape

After going through the brief introduction on how to determine your face shape, let’s move on to the preferred styles for each of them.

Do note that while these are touted as the most complimentary to your facial dimensions, your face may not necessarily purely belong to one category. Those straddling the middle ground between two categories can experiment with cuts that may suit either. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist.

1. Round

The aim for a round face is to create the illusion of a longer face — consider a mid-length style with a side-swept fringe. If you’re feeling gutsy, try out a pixie crop! Otherwise, you can stick to long, flowy tresses with soft layers.

2. Oval

It’s easy to be a chameleon with this face shape as it is versatile and many looks suit it. From a pixie cut, to a chic blunt bob, you can try most short styles. If you prefer longer locks, look for styles with layers that will help increase volume and shorten your face.

3. Heart-Shaped

Lengthwise, this is a broad-to-narrow face shape. Create an impression of balance by choosing a classic lob that ends at your jawline, adding some volume in that area. To reduce the appearance of your forehead, choose to go for a long, side-swept fringe.

4. Square

Often, this face type tends to be described as strong-jawed. To soften it, beachy waves with layers are the way to go! Otherwise, you can also try out a lob with a side fringe to lengthen your face.

5. Oblong

The most flattering cut for this shape would be one that shortens the length of the face. To do so, try a classic bob. If you prefer lengthy tresses, instead of shortening the face, broaden it by adding layers.

6. Diamond

While a diamond visage may be all angles, you can choose to either soften the edges or highlight them. If you prefer the former, choose a mid-length or long cut with layers and a gentle, sweeping side fringe. If you prefer the latter, a classic bob or pixie cut would be better options as they can appear to broaden the narrow jaw.


What is Your Hair Texture?

Understanding your tresses not only allows you to care for them better, but also allows you to pick a cut that flows naturally with your crowning glory’s texture. Described as the thickness of each strand, this second factor breaks up into three categories:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

A gentle note that this is not to be confused with hair type, which is a numerical and alphabetical method that helps identify your curl pattern.

As the diameter of a singular strand is measured in microns, it would not be physically possible to measure it without a specialised tool. You can, however, roughly gauge it. You will need:

  • A sewing thread, preferably coloured similarly to your locks
  • A strand of hair

The breakdown below will help you understand more about texture and the cuts that suits each of them best:

1. Fine

If the strand’s length is slimmer than the sewing thread when placed side by side, chances are, it has a fine texture. However, this does not mean you have thin hair. It may sound contradictory, but while the individual pieces may be fine, it is possible to have thick or average hair as a whole. It simply means your scalp is densely populated with many fine strands. While this type is delicate and gets oily fast, it dries quickly too. Styling may also pose as a problem as fine wisps tend to have a tougher time holding a style. You can consider a classic blunt short bob or a mid-length textured bob. If you prefer long flowing tresses, choose layers and a deeply parted long side fringe to create the appearance of volume.

2. Coarse

On the other hand, if the tendril appears wider than the thread, you probably have a coarse texture. Applying the same logic, it is possible to have thin locks that are made up of coarse strands upon closer inspection. Due to its coarseness, it can be difficult to style, but upon completion, it holds a style very well. As volume is not a problem, aim for a layered pixie cut, or a thick bob or lob. An option for longer tresses would be soft layers to create movement and body to the look.

3. Medium

What if the strand is neither here nor there? For individuals with tendrils that are more or less the same width as a sewing thread, texture can be classified as medium. If you find that you fit this category, you do not have too much to worry about. Being average has never been better as medium strands provide a high level of flexibility when it comes to haircuts. A straight bob with uniform length and blunt ends is a great option for short ‘dos. If you prefer a thinner look, add some layers. For longer alternatives, select a layered shoulder-length look that will frame your visage, or keep your tresses long and loose with soft layers.


The Ideal Haircut for Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle is defined as a way of living and is expressed by people in both their work and leisure behavioural patterns. It can also reflect someone’s self image or the way they see themselves and want to be seen by others.

Everyone has a different lifestyle, and surprisingly, your haircut can help make your lifestyle better. The main goal is to look for a cut that can fit in or simplify your day-to-day life.

Here are some common lifestyles and the haircuts that are ideally suited for them!

1. Globetrotter

You are a globetrotter if you travel for work often or have simply been bitten by the travel bug. As a business traveller, you should aim for a low-maintenance haircut that can be transformed for casual wear and corporate events. Your on-the-go lifestyle will require something with minimal styling. Hence, you can consider a shoulder-length cut with or without soft layers, or a classic bob. As a leisure traveller, fortunately, you can take your days at your own pace. Your options for cuts open up vastly, from to mid-length bobs, to dreamy long tresses with soft layers. Aside from regular products for your locks, both types of travellers should consider packing blow dryers, texturising spray, or even a mini flat iron. Don’t forget protective products because hair care should not be compromised even when travelling!

2. Business Professionals

Professionals can be divided into two categories in general: corporate or creative. Corporate professionals are required to dress and appear formally. Unlike business travellers, you have the luxury of a little more time. If you are considering short looks, feel free to consider a pixie cut or a classic bob. If not, you can opt for a longer hairdo like a mid-length bob or long tresses with soft layers. The latter two require simple styling with a blow dryer or flat iron.

3. Creative Professionals

On the opposite end of the spectrum, creatives most likely have the liberty of choosing from a wide variety of looks! As your job suggests, get creative! From bangs, to asymmetrical cuts, to retro-chic looks, you’re free to pick something or that suits your fancy (and your face shape). However, ensure that you have the ability to upkeep the hairstyle. An added bonus to being a creative? Depending on your company rules, you could even have coloured locks. Check out this article on the various creative colour treatments you could try out.

4. Working Mums

A modern day mother has obligations to both her children and her career. To ensure a smooth transition from your responsibilities in the office to the ones at home, choose a low-maintenance style that is both polished and practical. A blunt lob is one great choice as it allows you to grow it out without compromising on its professional look. If you lean toward a more traditional look, longer locks with layers will also work. You can easily pull them into a chic ponytail or low bun for the office and a cute, messy bun at home!

5. Fuss-Free Folks

As our lives get busier, some of us just end up not wanting to spend so much time on our hair. Whatever the reason may be, a cut you can consider is the one-length cut, which is easy to maintain and does not require styling unless you want to. If you’re not fond of a chunk of strands falling straight down, add in some soft layers, which will naturally provide some movement to your locks.

6. Gym-Goer

An active lifestyle does not mean you need to compromise on your femininity. One of the best and most common hairdos sported by female gym-goers is a shoulder length cut. This cut is easy to manage and can be tied into many different styles, preventing those pesky hairs from falling into your face while you work out. Its versatility has made it a timeless favourite as you can go from the gym to date night without much fuss.


The Final Takeaway

After identifying your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle, you may have found one or more ideal options for yourself. Some would argue that all three factors are equally important, however, one way you can narrow down your choices is to decide which factor is the leading priority for you. You can then eliminate the rest. Otherwise, you can always make a pros and cons list.

Should you find yourself torn between two looks or more, feel free to consult your stylists. Our experienced team at YOON Salon can offer you professional insight to help you make that final choice. Ultimately, you choose how you want to express yourself and you should do it the way you want to.