• Exfoliate scalp
  • Can treat oily scalp
  • Can treat dry scalp
  • Can treat sensitive scalp
  • Can treat hair loss scalp
  • Relaxing and comfortable head and scalp massage

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Step 1

Our Hair Stylist will first perform a deep follicular exfoliation on your crown, to remove the dead skin cells and clogged residue.

Step 2

We will then do a PDT treatment on it to moisturise, balance, and stimulate hair growth.

Step 3

After the treatment process, a lymphatic massage will be done on your crown. Four weekly scalp boosters will also be given to you for a long-lasting effect.

Step 4

You will achieve a healthy, oil-controlled, and dandruff-free crown. The results will be visible and safe.



Before & after

- Purifying Scalp Cleansing
- Remove Dirt & Sebum
- Nourish Hair & Scalp


1. Who is suited for a scalp treatment?

Anyone can benefit from this luxurious service! This is especially more suitable for you if the crown of your tresses is oily, clogged within its follicles, dry, or sensitive. Those of you looking to combat hair loss or dandruff should definitely go for this premium service. For the rest of you, this relaxing service can act as a bonus to your regular routine. It stimulates blood circulation, allowing nutrients to flow to the skin of your head and nourish your tresses. That’s right, not only does it clarify your crown, but it can also encourage healthy hair growth. For absolutely stunning tresses, do also consider opting for any of our other premium hair services to enliven your crowning glory. Leave everyone around you in awe of your transformation!

2. How long does each treatment take?

Each session takes an average of 60 minutes. Do bear in mind, however, that this duration may vary from individual to individual, depending on the condition of the crown of your head. Moreover, your appointment may take longer if you opt for any of our wide range of premium hair services on top of this procedure, such as a Premium Wash and Blow. Please do not hesitate to ask your approachable and dependable specialist to find out how long a session may take for you, especially if time is an issue. Above all, our clients’ satisfaction is paramount. We will be more than happy to customise our services to suit your unique needs and suggest an alternative date for you to return to us once again. Just say the word and we’ll handle the rest.

3. Are the results permanent?

Sooner or later, natural hormones in your body that are responsible for the condition of your crown will inevitably cause your specific condition to return. That is why it is very important for you to regularly return for another touch-up session the following month to maintain the results. With regular sessions, you will be able to keep any pesky dandruff or grease at bay. Tired of having to make the effort to book appointments all the time? Not to worry. If you prefer, we would be happy to assist you with scheduling them well ahead of time. We also understand that life never does seem to go as planned. Hence, you are more than welcome to reschedule any of your appointments. Simply give us a heads-up whenever you need to shift any of your appointments to another date and time.

4. How often should I undergo this service?

For maximum results, you need to undergo this service once a month. Most of our clients come for this service every month to maintain the results. Anything less frequent than that, and you may find your crown of your head returning to its former condition far too prematurely. When that happens, your tresses may ultimately be affected, too. We definitely believe that it is best not to take any chances at all when it comes to your hair. After all, you deserve to look and feel good at all times. If you require more information, do speak with your friendly personal expert to discuss and customise your options, based on your unique needs.

5. Is a scalp treatment safe?

Yes! All our services are safe and do not have any side effects. The first step of this process is a consultation, where our hair care experts will tailor it to your needs. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions about any part of the process. A consultation session with us is the perfect opportunity for you to clear any lingering doubts and concerns with us. On our part, our highly capable team will do their best to clarify anything for you before we even begin the procedure. Additionally, should you have any allergies, do inform the friendly stylists in advance. We will be sure to take all the necessary measures to ensure that you feel comfortable, safe, and healthy while you are here with us.


customer reviews

Serena Hou, 25

This was extremely good and affoardable! Even a week.after I did not experience oiliness.

Samuel Tan, 34

My head feel so refreshed and clean after YOON’s treatment! Glad that I found this deal online so affordable and service is good!


Recently I have dandruff and experienced a lot of hair loss… But thanks to YOON I have regain a healthier and cleaner head of hair!

Alicia Chen, 26

Very satisifed with the anti-dandruff service at Yoon Salon. Am impressed by the quality of products used.

Emily Yeung, 41

Feeling great after this. For me, the price is reasonal and their service is good. Will bring my daughter for this as well soon.





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