• Defrizzing treatment
  • Repairing treatment
  • Gloss treatment
  • Strengthening treatment
  • Smoothening treatment

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Step 1

Our Stylist will first apply a MILBON Primer Accelerator to your tresses to enhance the effect of the overall procedure.

Step 2

We will then infuse your locks with a MILBON essence, to repair, smoothen, and strengthen the cuticles in your strands.

Step 3

After the procedure, a sealing serum will be coated on your locks. Four weekly hair boosters will also be given to you for a longer-lasting effect.

Step 4

Your tresses will achieve a silky, glossy, and strong texture. The results are visible and safe.



Before & after

- Tames Down Frizzy Hair
- Strengthens Your Hair Roots
- Regain Strong, Silky Hair


1. Which hair treatment is the most suitable one for me?

With five different options to choose from, we understand if you may feel confused about which is the best for you. Fret not, though! Here’s where an experienced stylist can help you. Using special equipment, our team of experts will examine your tresses carefully to assess the extent of damage. Rest assured, they will be able to recommend the best option for you.

2. How long does each session take?

On average, 1 session usually takes up to 1 hours. The exact duration depends on the selected option, as well as the condition of your tresses. For example, if your mane is long or has a lot of volume, it may take more time to ensure the product application is done properly. Feel free to ask our stylists to find out more.

3. Are the results permanent?

Natural hormones in your body that were once responsible for your previous hair condition will inevitably cause it to return. That is why you have to regularly touch up to maintain the results.

4. How often should I undergo this service?

For maximum results, you need to undergo this procedure once a month. Most of our clients come for a touch-up every month to maintain the results.

5. Can I go for hair treatment if I am pregnant?

Of course. All the services that we offer are safe and do not include any harmful chemicals. If you are still concerned, simply ask our expert team of stylists. They will be able to give a proper assessment of the specific option you are interested in and advise you accordingly.


customer reviews


This treatment is really good for frizzy hair, This is my 5th session and you can see the difference!

Jane Ng, 20

My hair is so much smoother and softer just after 1 session of YOON hair treatment! Good deal!

Isabel Han, 24

Experience weak and brittle hair so i decided to try their hair treatment. And WOW am impressed as i can see immediate results after the treatment!

Linda Zhang, 26

I always had an issue with my frizzy hair and I really have to give praises to Yoon Salon for their quality & affordable anti-frizz hair treatment.

Camille J, 31

I could feel the diffrence after doing hair damiging treatment there. So happy that I made a good choice.





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